How does Retain work?

Retain handles your customer follow-up to help you retain your customer's loyalty.


Snap a picture of your customer with the Retain mobile app.

Capture an event or moment with your customer on your Apple or Android Device. Start building a photo database for effective personalized follow-up. The fortune is in the follow-up.
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Instantly uploaded to our database

You have now started to build a customer photo database that can be used for dynamic personalized follow-up and social media promotions!
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Your photos and customer information are used to produce personalized follow-up materials.

We turn your customer's photo and data into an array of high quality products and services that are designed to maximize customer loyalty, generate return business and ignite word-of-mouth advertising.
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Send your personalized gifts and follow-up materials to your customers.

Surprise your customers with a personalized thank you gift and touch point cards for years to come. Contact them on any special occasion, holiday or season of the year with special offerings and coupons, or just wish them well and say "Hi"!
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Personalized thank you email

Stay in touch with your customers for life using our Digital Follow-up Program that can be customized with offerings. This follow-up is integrated with Facebook and all of the popular rating sites, allowing customers to share their delivery photo with friends & family and also post positive reviews for the dealership.
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